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When your Amazon Shipment arrives at our warehouse, our team takes care of handling, unloading, and organizing it as part of the receiving process. Our pricing plans also cover an external inspection of your shipment's condition, which includes a report on any damages, size, weight, and dimensions. If your shipment arrives in a full container, we will provide a quote based on the container's size. Additionally, if your shipment arrives on FBA-compliant pallets, we will waive the pallet fee for forwarding.

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All our pricing plans come with an external package inspection. Nevertheless, in some cases, products may not meet the expected standards, necessitating a thorough inspection. We offer random or complete piece-by-piece inspections to guarantee that your products meet the required specifications. Our detailed inspection report includes basic images and recommended defect allowances in accordance with industry norms.



Amazon's FBA program has strict regulations for the condition of shipments and products. Every product that is intended for sale on Amazon must have an "FNSKU" label and a "Made in" label. The FNSKU label is necessary for Amazon to identify a particular unit of an ASIN, and it should be visible on all products. If there is more than one product under a single FNSKU, a "Do Not Separate" label is required. Products lacking these labels may be disposed of, sold separately, or removed from Amazon FBA at your expense.



Our Bundling service involves our warehouse staff gathering all the items that are to be included in a bundle, combining them in a poly bag, and repackaging them. You have the option to include promotional inserts or instructions in the bundle as necessary. If you prefer a particular type of packaging for the bundle, you can provide it. Additionally, each bundle must be appropriately labeled.

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For storing small items, we charge $0.60 per cubic foot per month. Our clients can enjoy free storage for 14 days from the day their Amazon shipment arrives at our warehouse, after which they will be charged a fixed rate for the inventory stored in our facility. Our storage service is available for a maximum of 30 days. Beyond this duration, it is necessary to arrange for the shipment of the items to Amazon FBA warehouses

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Our Amazon Forwarding service involves transporting your Amazon Shipment from our Delaware warehouse to Amazon FBA through UPS or other Amazon-affiliated carriers. We also offer Palletizing for LTL loads. Typically, we process and deliver shipments to Amazon within 2 business days.

There will be no additional charges for pallet or truckload items apart from the prices listed on the Price page.

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