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How It Works

After clicking the "register" button on our website to register your company, we will promptly reach out to you via email. This email will contain instructional videos demonstrating how to use the Prep Shipment application. These videos will guide you through various steps, including logging into the application, authorizing your Amazon store, creating shipments within the application, and navigating the application's dashboard.

The login information for the application will be sent to you via email. Upon receiving this information, please log into the application, change your password for security purposes, and authorize your Amazon store within the application.

After completing these steps, kindly follow the instructions below:


Set up an Assistant Account


In order to streamline the process of creating shipments and printing shipping labels, we will need access to a sub-account on your Amazon Seller account that has "Manage FBA Inventory and Shipments" privileges. Please note that this sub-account will not grant us access to your financial data. With this access, we can efficiently manage your shipping plan, print FNSKU labels as well as UPS/LTL labels, and send your shipment to Amazon. It's important to note that this is a one-time requirement.

To set up the sub-account:

  1. Go to "Settings" and select "User Permissions" on your Amazon seller account page.

  2. Under "Add a User," enter and send the invitation.

  3. Once you add the user, please email us at with your Amazon Seller Central name.

  4. We will accept the invitation and then inform you about the process.

  5. You will then need to add permissions below for the account so we can access your shipping plans on Amazon

Settings >>> User Permissions >>> Current Users >>> >>> Manage permissions

  • Find "Manage FBA Shipments/Inventory" field and select  "View/Edit" and click Continue at the bottom

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We Create Your Shipping Plan

We will be creating an Amazon shipping plan via our application. You don't need to do anything for Amazon Shipments. 



Let us Know What is Coming


To ensure we have all the necessary information about your upcoming shipment, please log in to our inventory management portal. After that, send your products to the address below, including your company name and account number in the suite number. Once we receive your inventory, we will promptly pack and process your items.

Please use the following address for your shipment:

Our Email Address:


100 Business Park Lane, Milton Delaware 19968

Suite Unit F - [ Your Account Number]


We will be prepared to pack and process your items as soon as we receive your inventory.

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We Will Do The Rest

Our team will take care of packing your items and handling the FBA Shipment creation process for you. This includes printing FNSKU labels, uploading information about box contents, and arranging shipping using Amazon partnered-carriers. If there are any problems, our team will contact you for guidance. Your shipment will typically be fully processed and shipped within 24 hours of delivery, and you will receive an itemized invoice via email that outlines all the items that were processed.

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